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When asked about what I wanted to get out of my internship at Elevate, I found it surprisingly difficult to pinpoint. It’s hard to know what you want to know… when you don’t know what you don’t know. If that wasn't already confusing enough, I did know that I wanted to learn as much as I can while I was here. I wanted to be well-rounded in all areas, with the potential to find my niche in the future.

University is great for many things; it can help you form connections with a variety of people you never would have met otherwise, help you progress into the career you’ve always dreamed of, and sometimes even learn a thing or two.

Yet, there is no comparison between university and the knowledge you can learn outside of the classroom and in the real world. I can walk out of uni, certificate in hand, and still have no real exposure to the PR world, which is why it was important to me to get an internship once I entered my final year. I wanted to learn things that you would never be taught in a formal education setting (even the little things like what computer programs PR professionals actually use). 

Maybe it’s simply because I’m a full-blown millennial, but the social media world is something that I find fascinating. I was grateful to have the opportunity to dip my toe into the digital side of Elevate and learn how to create engaging and relevant social media content that will help grow a brand.

I also had the chance to draft media releases and pitch to targeted media outlets which helped enhance my skills with Elevate during my internship.

I’m so honoured to have interned with Elevate and am really thankful that I was given this opportunity. I loved the tasks and real-life situations that were provided to me and have gained a great deal of industry experience from this 5-week program. 

I'd highly recommend any PR or communications student to take hold of this opportunity with Elevate to refine your skillset, gain real-world experience and work with an amazing team. 

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