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Using progressive tools to communicate with developing communities

  Over the past decade, the communications industry has evolved significantly, as communication channels continue to expand beyond traditional media mediums. The growth of digital and social networking platforms has required the industry to reshape its strategies to incorporate an integrated...

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How to choose the right charitable partnership for your brand

Giving back to the community is becoming more and more the norm in business practice. In fact, many businesses have changed the way they think about their CSR activities and are renaming their charitable or for-good actions as “business responsibilities” rather than “corporate social...

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2019 PR predictions (P.S they’re not what you think)

This year marks for me, 20 years working in marketing, communication and PR roles, and every year I continue to be blown away by the changing technology and trends in how we both conduct business and more importantly, how we communicate our business to our customers.

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Build your PR strategy and the audience will come

The art of business is a Catch 22, isn’t it? You need sales to be able to invest in PR, but you’ve decided you need PR to get the traffic in the first place! I hear this frustration most weeks when I meet with potential new clients, and my advice is always to start with a strategy. The rest will...

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How to prevent the expiration date of your business

With the speed of change accelerating, corporate longevity is on the decrease. By 2027 Innosight’s biennial Corporate Longevity Forecast has predicted that the average company will only last 12 years.

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How will AI benefit the communications industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks normally required by human intelligence. AI has seen a rapid growth in the everyday lives of humans across the planet – from digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to ride sharing apps such as Uber and...

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Five marketing tactics for businesses

There are many tried and proven marketing tactics that even the most time and cash poor small to medium sized businesses can successfully implement to give their marketing a boost.

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