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Why more ‘pay for play’ is increasing the path to more coverage

Pay for play is becoming more and more common in public relations and the lines that once differentiated PR from advertising, marketing, and journalism are increasingly blurring. What once set PRs apart from all other communications professionals was their ability to generate free publicity,...

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Five marketing tactics for businesses

There are many tried and proven marketing tactics that even the most time and cash poor small to medium sized businesses can successfully implement to give their marketing a boost.

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The benefits of evergreen content

So, the beautifully written media release or planned social media posts have been put on hold due to a product issue or because you want more time to review it and you’re suddenly without any content. What do you do? This is where evergreen content comes in.

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5 Content marketing mistakes you’re probably making

Everyone has clued on to the importance of content marketing but there’s more to an effective strategy than writing a blog or recording a video and picking a platform to upload it to. Despite your valiant efforts, you could be undoing all your hard work by making some of the small mistakes below.

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