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Three overlooked platforms to enhance your social media strategy

Are you trying to achieve cut through on social media but just aren’t reaching the right audiences? Maybe you’re using the wrong platform.  I’m sure you’ve been told time and time again to use social media and that “ need to be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to increase brand...

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Three reasons why social media marketing flips traditional marketing on its head

Social media as a marketing platform has become as important to invest in as a brand’s logo or its staff members. But while social media marketing investment deserves a place on the P&L ledger, marketing on Facebook and Instagram is very different to traditional marketing efforts. Managing the...

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Using Facebook advertising to grow your brand

When meeting potential clients, a notion that seems to keep surfacing in conversations is the impression that Facebook as a social platform, is limited in its capabilities; a platform only good for pictures of your family and your best friend’s latest status update.

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