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How to choose the right charitable partnership for your brand

Giving back to the community is becoming more and more the norm in business practice. In fact, many businesses have changed the way they think about their CSR activities and are renaming their charitable or for-good actions as “business responsibilities” rather than “corporate social...

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2019 PR predictions (P.S they’re not what you think)

This year marks for me, 20 years working in marketing, communication and PR roles, and every year I continue to be blown away by the changing technology and trends in how we both conduct business and more importantly, how we communicate our business to our customers.

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Research finds that TV is Australia’s #1 choice for news

Where do you get your news?

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PR is no longer just about communicating, it’s about extracting

The PR landscape has shifted dramatically over the past five years. Marketing and communications departments are merging, media brag books have been replaced with daily monitoring, and owned channels demand daily, if not hourly content to be created, published and moderated. But if our recent...

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How will AI benefit the communications industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks normally required by human intelligence. AI has seen a rapid growth in the everyday lives of humans across the planet – from digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to ride sharing apps such as Uber and...

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The benefits of evergreen content

So, the beautifully written media release or planned social media posts have been put on hold due to a product issue or because you want more time to review it and you’re suddenly without any content. What do you do? This is where evergreen content comes in.

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Social media resolutions for next financial year

So what are your social media resolutions for yourself or your company this financial year? Have you given them any thought? Elevate’s Communication Director, Dr Amanda Olsson offers her top tips for the 2018-2019 financial year.

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Increase your product sales with Instagram

I’m sure as you scroll through your Instagram feed, you are starting to see more and more of your favourite retail brands post content with little shopping bags in the corner of the picture. This is the future of online shopping and it’s called shoppable posts by Instagram.

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