Increase your product sales with Instagram

I’m sure as you scroll through your Instagram feed, you are starting to see more and more of your favourite retail brands post content with little shopping bags in the corner of the picture. This is the future of online shopping and it’s called shoppable posts by Instagram.

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How to upskill in PR

Stop, collaborate and … communicate?

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Creating your personal brand

Do you know your personal brand? Do you have a clear perception of your professional values, goals and personality? Personal branding is the key to opening professional doors and positioning yourself on the best track for success in your industry.

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Change your brand perception in 5 steps

Changing the public’s perception of your business after negative press, bad customer reviews or internal issues seems like mission impossible. Often brands avoid publishing any content in fear of fuelling the fire, but it’s a Catch-22 because if you don’t control your message, everyone else will.

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The value of an opinion told well

In PR, we work with brands day in and day out, with our strategy underpinned by how we can raise awareness of our client’s brand, usually through profiling a company spokesperson, product or service via media or through other stakeholder channels.  

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Using Facebook advertising to grow your brand

When meeting potential clients, a notion that seems to keep surfacing in conversations is the impression that Facebook as a social platform, is limited in its capabilities; a platform only good for pictures of your family and your best friend’s latest status update.

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The Importance of Voice, Tone and Style

Growing up, we often hear the phrase ‘it’s not what you say, but how you say it that really matters’. Fast forward to the digital era of public relations and this phrase has never been more relevant in the age of digital technology. Brand identity is made up of voice, tone and style – often...

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The process behind a successful EDM

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is one of the key marketing tools that companies and brands can use to directly connect with their stakeholders on a personal level. EDM campaigns can either be used to interact with internal members or to external corporate members and potential customers. EDMs are...

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