Get the most out of your PR

I’m a PR pro who specialises in strategy development, copywriting and media relations, and yet I spend a good portion of my working life managing PA, BD and even HR issues for clients.

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Five marketing tactics for businesses

There are many tried and proven marketing tactics that even the most time and cash poor small to medium sized businesses can successfully implement to give their marketing a boost.

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The benefits of evergreen content

So, the beautifully written media release or planned social media posts have been put on hold due to a product issue or because you want more time to review it and you’re suddenly without any content. What do you do? This is where evergreen content comes in.

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5 Content marketing mistakes you’re probably making

Everyone has clued on to the importance of content marketing but there’s more to an effective strategy than writing a blog or recording a video and picking a platform to upload it to. Despite your valiant efforts, you could be undoing all your hard work by making some of the small mistakes below.

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Social media resolutions for next financial year

So what are your social media resolutions for yourself or your company this financial year? Have you given them any thought? Elevate’s Communication Director, Dr Amanda Olsson offers her top tips for the 2018-2019 financial year.

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Increase your product sales with Instagram

I’m sure as you scroll through your Instagram feed, you are starting to see more and more of your favourite retail brands post content with little shopping bags in the corner of the picture. This is the future of online shopping and it’s called shoppable posts by Instagram.

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How to upskill in PR

Stop, collaborate and … communicate?

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Creating your personal brand

Do you know your personal brand? Do you have a clear perception of your professional values, goals and personality? Personal branding is the key to opening professional doors and positioning yourself on the best track for success in your industry.

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