Do B2Bs need a social media presence?

It’s easy to see why companies with a Business to Consumer model should have a major social media presence to engage directly with their consumers. But the question is, should a company with a Business to Business model also invest in a social media program? The answer is yes, and here’s why.

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How to amplify your message via networks

When you’re trying to get your message out, it can sometimes seem like you’re yelling into the void. With the internet and the decline of mass media, it can be hard to get the right messages to the right people. 

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Using the power of PR to support your event

Organising an event of any scale is a challenge. Between booking the venue, deciding on a theme and organising suppliers there’s the added pressure of promotion and making sure people show up. Cue the nerves!

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3 tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the best form of communication for any professional; starting off as a networking and job-hunting tool, it is now the go-to-platform for professionals of all ages, careers and industry types to use for content sharing, marketing, advertising, PR, and research.

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How to become the go-to authority for advice in your industry

Want to know how Michelle Bridges became the face of the fitness industry, Dr Chris Brown became the expert on animals, and Todd Sampson became the celebrity of the advertising world? PR!

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How to turn your company’s stories into positive media coverage

Everyone has a story to tell, and my years as a journalist convinced me that good leads can turn up in the least likely places. Nowadays, as a PR professional, I’m still on the lookout for the compelling stories that will help companies share their unique and engaging stories with their audience.

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Grow your brand through photography

“Your camera takes really great pictures.” “Thank you. I taught it everything it knows.”

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How to create engaging videos for your business

Video has seen an explosion over recent years with many businesses, brands and influencers using video content to grow their engagement and awareness online. Like all content, there can be meaningful and meaningless content – but what is the best way to captivate your audiences and leave a...

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