Award your success with industry recognition

Award your success with industry recognition

Last week Elevate received an award for promoting and supporting the PR industry with one of Queensland’s highest profile universities.

The award recognised the Elevate team's service to new students preparing themselves for the PR industry, as we critiqued their presentations for real world scenarios.

The team was humbled to be recognised with the certificate and it made me realise how endorsement and recognition by others is truly a remarkable and uplifting feeling.

There are so many award opportunities across Brisbane, Queensland and nation-wide that businesses can vie for. These often come with some reflection and forethought required, and time to submit entries, but that reward at the end can be so satisfying. And it lends itself as a great marketing tool to help grow or promote your business as well.

I’m confident any business would be proud to display a winner or finalist award, but I know firsthand the criteria and the sometimes 50+ questions can be intimidating and very time consuming. I also know how challenging it can be to write about yourself and your own commercial successes! It’s never easy to sell yourself, but it’s disappointing to think of all the milestones, innovative thinking and quality leaders going unrecognised because awards go un-entered.